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What is an Electronic Press Kit?

An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is basically a resume or CV for musicians (but today an EPK has evolved & has crept into other sectors of the art, fashion & entertainment industry).

It is designed to provide record labels, agents, music supervisors, buyers, investors, fans and the media with essential information to understand who you are as an artist or a creative.

It’s a professional way to get noticed, land gigs, endorsements and/or make connections.

So why do you need an EPK?

Bundling up all of your details & information as an artist and putting it in one place, makes it easier for music professionals to access & review your work.

It’s a great way to increase your chances of making a connection with potential business partners.

Making people hunt for your information will definitely make you miss out on a lot business relationships so crafting the perfect EPK will definitely play a positive role in your journey to stardom.

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What to include in an Electronic Press Kit

Now before we jump into it…

creating an EPK should be something artists should take very seriously because if you give off the wrong first impression it could affect your online presence & potential business in a negative way.

So be sure to collect all aspects of your brand.

Yes, you read it right…”your brand”.

It may feel a bit weird to think of yourself or your bandmates as a brand but the main goal is to give out a whole package deal, just like a media kit.

So crafting an engaging brand look and feel is the recipe to a successful EPK.

1. Music -your latest or most popular tracks.
2. Biography -a bit of information about who you are.
3. Music videos -all your music videos, live show clips etc.
4. Branding -quality images of your logos & company tags.
5. Contact details -your contact information & how people can get in touch with you.
6. Press and testimonials -positive testimonials of what other people or what the press say about you & your work.
7. Tour dates -when & where your next perfomances are going to be and most importantly links to buy tickets.
8. Embedded links -links to your social accounts, links to your website & any other important links.

I understand this list may seem overwhelming,

but once your story & products are out there the possibility of achieving your personal goals will skyrocket.

Creating an EPK

Now you know what an Electronic Press Kit is, the benefits of having one and what the components of one are,

but now comes the difficult part, actually piecing everything together.

It’s not so difficult once you get the ball rolling and fortunately there are a number of websites that offer free & paid tools to help you put together the details of your brand & who you are as an artist.

EPK examples & EPK templates

Below is an infographic of an EPK template to give you an idea of what elements are in a finished EPK.

EPK tools

These resources provide EPK templates and tools to help guide your process:

Adobe Spark

Please note: We don’t recommend using free platforms & tools through-out your whole career simply because it’s dangerous to do so.

Well if the EPK is FREE, bottom line it means you DON’T own it.

If the company or platform that’s offering you the free service seizes to exist or closes down, your EPK disappears with it.

Imagine years of hard work, data & marketing going down the drain just like that.

So how can you avoid that?
By hiring a web designer to make one for you.

Sure most web designers charge a lot to make websites but in this case it can turn out to be way cheaper than you expect.

EPK’s are usually something Web Geeks call a “Landing Page” (In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they click on or visit your link),

in simpler terms an EPK is a One Page Website, which is way, way cheaper than a regular website.

We recommend checking out DiV WORQS for a professionally made EPK that’ll suit all your needs as a musician. They have a strict custom design mentality so you’re guaranteed to have an EPK that is unique & won’t look similar to other EPKs on the web.
If you use the COUPON code LiT-EPKs you’ll get a 55% discount on your EPK, meaing you’ll save $125.

Benefits of owning your EPK

1. You own the domain name, it’s more professional to have a link that looks like this “www.terrytempo.com” than this “www.adobeepks.com/artistepk/terrytempo234/”.
2. It becomes your intelectual property.
3. You can monitize it however you want. Meaning you can add E-Commerce features on it and earn yourself a bit of cash on the side.
4. You can create your own theme meaning your EPK won’t look like thousands of other EPKs on the web.
5. Your content & interactions are safer on a private owned EPK.
6. You can track how the EPK perfoms online, meaning you’ll know more about who views or visits your EPK.
7. You’ll always be in control.
8. The EPK can be scalable & grow from what it is, to a more robust website.

EPK Templates

Random screenshots of what your EPK can look like.

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