A Bit About Us

We celebrate, inspire and support the African creative community.

Established in 2015, LiT magazine is an online magazine that celebrates, inspires and supports the creative community across Africa and beyond.

From graduates, creative professionals and freelancers to independent artists, designers and makers, our audience spans the African continent & beyond, each using our inspiration, tips and resources to succeed.

With a focus on art, music, visuals, poetry, graphic design, illustration, and photography, we showcase emerging and established talent, share recommended resources such as the latest tools and books, interview the brightest and best creatives, delve into people’s inspiring workspaces and offer invaluable tips and insight to help you at every stage of your creative career – that’s whether you’ve just graduated, started a new job or launched a new business.

And because creativity never stops, we also love to explore the latest travel, culture and shopping ideas, recommending products, destinations and cultural events to our creative readers.

Celebrating African Creatives, LiT magazine is your dedicated daily fix for creative inspiration and ideas.

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