on April 22, 2019


Zim Hip Hop has taken a huge leap in the past few years & the visuals that Zimbabwean rappers are putting out there is proof the Zim Hip Hop game is leaning to world class quality.

Artists like Yung Tyran, Indigo Saint, Takura to mention a few are producing amazing visuals that are extremely engaging & overall entertaining.

Below is a random list of Zim Hip Hop Music Videos that we feel need a shout out.

1. Takura – Jehova

View His Channel

2. Yung Tyran – Like To Party

View His Channel

3. Indigo Saint – Third Joint

View His Channel

4. Voltz – Masinhi

5. Kikky Badass – Boyz Dze Tonaz

View Her Channel

Don’t hesitate to contact us & give us your list of 5 Zim Hip Hop music videos you think are as good or better.