on April 18, 2019


Creatives spend most of their time devising wacky & sometimes reasonable schemes for making money online.

Whether painting a picture or designing a corporate logo, firstly create for yourself, then your audience second.

If you do it for financial returns, you create for an audience that will pay.

With more and more tools becoming available, there are so many ways you can earn money with your craft & talents.

With that in mind, I’ve searched around the web & I’ve cooked up a list of 40 ways I think artistic people can make money with online.

The biggest hurdle is developing a skill in the first place, choosing a strategy that suits you, and finally making it work.


1. Charge for teaching via webinars, or sell digital products and courses through hosting free webinars.

2. Create & sell written/audio/visual online courses.

3. Create visuals or podcasts about your art and charge for each episode, have premium episodes, & earn from advertising. You can also use the content to sell physical products.

4. Charge for workshops and promote them yourself.

5. Teach or coach groups or individuals in real life or online. All you need is to have information that can be of value to someone that they’d be willing to pay for.

6. Write a blog and charge for premium articles.

7. Lecture and give online classes and online workshops for schools or universities.

8. Tutor, teach people one-to-one at their homes or in coffee shops or co-working spaces.

Sell, Sell, Sell

9. Write and sell an E-book about your art process.

10. Write and sell articles or get paid by online publications to write them.

11. Make and sell an app with your exlusive written content and pictures.

12. Make website templates that can be sold repeatedly.

13. Create a E-Commerce website & sell original art and products.

14. Record music & sell it online

15. If you’re a producer, make instrumentals & sell your beats online. (Type Beats is a niche that’ll be around for a long time so take advantage of it

16. Sell prints or replications of your art online.

17. Build a game or an app from scratch or through collaborations with others

18. Build a game or application for sale

19. Build websites & web applications and sell them

20. Sell licenses to individual creations such as designs, code, audio and video for commercial usage.

21. Sell stock images, design, art, video, audio and others on stock sites.

22. Create a blog and sell the ad space

23. Collaborate with creatives to produce an online magazine or ‘webzine’ for sale or subscription

24. Earn a commission through sales of other people’s art, courses & products.

25. Host and sell creative courses produced by others for a commission.

26. Flip domain names. Buy & sell domain names

27. Sell web hosting for a commission

Sell your services

28. Create a website that advises individuals and companies on their creative process and artistic projects such as interior design, or audio/visual projects.

29. Be a consultant or teacher in the skill of creativity itself, which I guarantee will experience a huge growth in the coming years in many industries.

30. Build an E-Commerce website & be an agent to help sell the work of other creatives for a commission.

31. Gather the work of other artists on a website, in a magazine, or a gallery, and sell their work or other products for a commission.

32. Build a website & get paid to document, photograph and report on creative events such as fashion shows or music events.

33.Build websites for the masses.

34.Build mobile apps.

35. Be commissioned directly by a client to create a creative work from scratch. These can be individuals, companies, charities and government organisations.

36. Bid for paid creative projects with clients online on sites like Fiverr & Upwork.

Entertain the people

37. Make films or video skits that entertain, and earn from adverts, premium content or sponsorships. Youtube is a big channel to tap into.

38. Make comics to build a following, which can then be sold to publications

39. Write fictional stories online to grow an audience, offering premium content like additional stories and E-books for sale.

40. Create an entertaining podcast show and sell products and advertise/be sponsored through the show.

Typical 9-to-5s aren’t cutting it anymore. Hopefully this will stir up some new ideas for creating income from your creative talents online.