on March 13, 2019


The basic elements of creativity include intelligence, intensive interest, knowledge, originality (ideas), creative instinct, non-conformity, courage, and persistence. All these are qualities the instagram users in our post posses in truck loads.

But before we get into it …

this list is a random selection of known & unkown creatives, it’s not based on the number of followers the user has or the amount of likes they get. It’s just a cocktail of amazing creatives you might know & the ones you don’t.

1. Boujie Crafts

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2. Mo Matli

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3. Lutendo Malatji

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4. Josh Webster

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5. Puzzle Moment Pictures (PMP)

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6. Cyril Ncube

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7. Mbalenhle P

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8. byo_portraits

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9. Gideon.Visuals

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10. Mpho Khathi

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11. Rofhiwa Mudau

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12. Rashid White

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