on April 2, 2019


Besides the practicality of identifying specific records, album covers serve the purpose of advertising the musical contents on all forms of visual advertising, through the use of graphic design, photography, and/or illustration.

Which is  something the Zim Hip Hop game has taken to the next level.

Album covers have turned into a platform that not only expresses the music that’s being advertised but also expresses the artist’s visual creativity.

Being hella creative with the design of your packaging can really help highlight the message of the track while capturing the listener visually.

We have randomly gathered 10 creative Zim Hip Hop album arts that we feel were impressive & deserve a shout out.

But before we get into it…

the order of our list isn’t based on how popular or “how paid” the artist is, but it’s just a random jam packed album cover compilation of creative Zim Hip Hop artists that have a great album cover game.

1.        Colour – DOPE (Dreams Of Portraying Excellence)

Insta –@excellence_music
Download – Clocking Doubles
Website- Excellence Music

2.      Terry Tempo – Bogus

Insta –@t3rrytempo_zw
Twitter –@t3rrytempoZW
Download – T3rry Tempo x Craeven – Bogus
Website- T3rry Tempo Website / EPK

3.      treyLUV – Citizens Plea

4.      Cal Vin – Revenge Of The Vin

Insta –@iamcal_vin
Soundcloud –@iamcal_vin
Website- Cal-Vin

5.      Frixx – New Moon EP

Insta –@frixxbyo
Website- Excellence Music

6.      Mclyne Beats – All my feelings

Insta –@mclynebeats
Soundcloud –Mclyne Beats
Website- (none)

7.       Yung Tyran – For the night

Insta : @yungtyran
Twitter: @YungTyran
Website : (none)
Spotify : Young Tyran
Soundcloud : Young Tyran

8.      treyLUV – Paradigm Shift

9.      Takura – SHTDi

Facebook : @Takura Life
Insta : @takuralife
Website : (none)
Listen on YouTube : Takura – SHTDi

10. Young Tyran ft Benny Afroe– Know my name

Insta : @yungtyran
Twitter: @YungTyran
Website : (none)
Listen on Spotify : Young Tyran
Listen on Itunes : Young Tyran